POE Department & Misson Focus:

Empowering community commitment to prevent gender-based violence through education,outreach and social change."


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1. Educate the University Community

The Prevention, Outreach and Education (POE) Department engages members of the university community by utilizing multi-disciplinary, community-driven and trauma informed approaches to educating on the prevention of gender-based violence.

Examples of these efforts include:

  • Upholding, exceeding and developing best practice models for prevention.
  • Providing required prevention training and requested advance topic trainings for faulty and staff across the university.
  • Innovative programming and educational initiatives for undergraduate and graduate students in multiple learning formats.
  • Creating specialized Relationsip Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) prevention training for MSU Health Care to ensure the safety of faculty, staff, students, and patients.
  • Developing, faciliationg and engaging with community-specific workshops, programs, and initiatives.

2. Elimate Gender-Based Violence

The Prevention, Outreach and Education Department serves as a catalyst to mobilize personal responsibility and leadership to endgender-based violence. POE builds coalitions and partnerships across the university by engaging a broad range of constituents to take action. We empower staff, faculty and students to become advocates for change,support survivors, and shift the climate a tMSU and in our communities.

Examples of these efforts include:

  • Raising awareness on navigating the MSU RVSM & Title IX policy and obligations,and support survivors during disclosures.
  • Collaborating and engaging withuniversity and community partners through membership in strategic planning groups, leadership initiatives and task forces focused on tangible outcomes.
  • Creating opportunities for students to engage in developing, facilitating and improving prevention initiatives across the university community.
  • Uplifting the potential impacts of gender-based violence rooted in systems of power and privilege to deepen university community understanding [of this type of violence].

3. Affect Positive Social Change

The Prevention, Outreach and Education Department initiates efforts and takes actionat the interpersonal, institutional and systemic levels to effectively impact socialchange. Through educating and empowering the university community, POE strives to create an environment that shifts attitudes,beliefs, behaviors and norms with the goal of transforming our climate and culture.

Examples of these efforts include:

  • Providing advanced learning opportunities for faculty and staff to engage as a community around topics of gender-based violence.
  • Addressing the impact of gender-based violence within units with the intention of developing pathways for positive change and preventing future harm from occurring.
  • Collaboratively identifying university-wide needs through hosting listening sessions, trainings and interventions based on trends across units and the university.
  • Creating opportunities for students to gain more knowledge and be leaders within the university community and become global agents of change.
  • Continuous training and collaborating with partners in the field.

For more information on our prevention education programs, please review our Annual Reports.

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