Climate & Response

What is the Climate & Response Unit (C&R)? 

When relationship violence and sexual misconduct (RVSM) incidents occur in the workplace or learning environment, it often impacts people beyond the individual/individuals who were directly harmed and the person/people who caused harm.

The Prevention, Outreach and Education (POE) Climate & Response Unit works collaboratively to assist the MSU community in exploring how these incidents and investigations impact the climate. They work with units across the university in developing strategies to promote healing and culture change.

The Climate & Response team members serve as guides and offer support throughout the process and implementation of recommendations. The process is voluntary and is not linked to sanctions or disciplinary action for individuals (faculty, staff, administrators, students) or units.

Units that would like to engage in a Climate & Response process will work with the team to assess the possible routes for support.


Climate & Response Approach 

Grounded in gender-based violence prevention and transformative justice values, the Climate & Response approach proactively works with units to collaboratively build pathways for healing, community-centered resolutions, and healthy working and learning environments.

This style of engagement prioritizes sustainable social change. This means the Climate & Response team may be supporting a unit through many iterations of the below cycle and over the course of an extended period of time.


This values-based approach is used when working with units to identify the areas in which strengths are present and the areas that growth is needed. Stakeholders in units are supported with tools to build upon strengths and expand skills to do the work within their unit.

Climate & Response Contact

To schedule a consultation or explore  options, contact the Climate & Response Program Administrator, Lydia Weiss, at