Options for Engagement

Options for Engagement

There are multiple routes for support offered by the Climate & Response Unit.


A consultation can occur over one or several conversations, often between the leader(s) of a unit and the Climate & Response team. Consultations provide an opportunity to explore the presenting concerns within a unit, resources and supports that are available and options for moving the unit forward. The Climate & Response team may be able to offer guidance and creative first steps that the leadership can take for addressing issues within the unit.


During a consultation, it may be determined that other additional options for engagement, such as Community Conversations or Skill-Building would be supportive to the unit.


Community Conversations

These group conversations are facilitated by a Climate & Response team member to explore specific areas that may be impacting the unit. The goals of facilitated conversations are to build community and to consider innovative, positive actions.


Community Conversations are a helpful tool for teams that are interested in engaging in dialogue, willing to generate creative solutions, and committed to implementing action. The guiding questions during Community Conversations are adapted to the needs of the unit.


Climate & Response Process

This framework[hyperlink to C&R Framework subpage] includes essential steps for exploring, understanding and implementing positive pathways forward. The process often involves stakeholders at all levels in the unit. The Climate & Response team will guide the unit through assessing the climate all the way to the implementation of collective recommendations.


Training & Skill-Building
When units have been impacted by gender-based violence, there may be times when particular skill-building or training would benefit team members. The C&R team will work with members in the unit, including the leader(s) to identify particular needs. Often the training can be offered by the Prevention, Outreach and Education department staff, otherwise the C&R team will make a referral and connection to other university or community organizations for support.