Student Voices for Prevention Initiatives (SVPI)

The Student Voices for Prevention Initiatives (SVPI) is a standing undergraduate student advisory council to POE. The inaugural group completed their first semester in Spring 2021 with providing crucial insight, ideas and student feedback to influence undergraduate prevention services. SVPI students serve as council members to provide culturally diverse student feedback on undergraduate student experiences and attitudes regarding sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking to enhance university prevention programming and initiatives in these areas. SVPI members review program content for POE’s various current educational offerings such as the Bystander Network, Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Workshop, the BARstander Network, It’s On Us Week of Action, among others.
Members also analyze evaluative data related to student learning in workshops and overall student feedback regarding RVSM and Title IX policy trainings. Additionally, SVPI members review various department initiatives such as the department’s social media plan and provided feedback relevant to undergraduate students’ experiences. SVPI members assist in developing new campus programming and initiatives such as the Empowerment Series and the Men’s Engagement program. Eligibility for participation in SVPI includes being able to liaison between an MSU RSO, program or department and undergraduate student standing.


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