The Prevention, Outreach and Education Department (POE) provides relationship violence and sexual misconduct education that is focused on engaging the campus community in prevention. 

We have a suite of educational trainings that are available for specific audiences.

Below is more information about our programming, including required workshops and audience-specific programs.

Required Workshop Registration Forms

SARV Prevention Program - 1st year on campus students (or never completed an RVSM training in a previous academic year)

  • General Workshop (available Fall 2019)
  • International Student Workshop (available Fall 2019)
  • LGBTQ Workshop (available Fall 2019)

Bystander Network Workshop - 2nd year on campus students (or completed only a single RVSM training in past academic years)

  • Bystander Network Workshop (available Fall 2019)

Online Education Workshop - 3rd & 4th year undergraduates (who have been on campus more than 2 years), Graduate students, Faculty, staff and employees

  • Online Education Program  - We are currently in the process of moving to a new online system for the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) training. Please check back soon for updates.

  • The Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Prevention Program (SARV)  The SARV program is a mandatory workshop for all incoming freshmen and transfer students to MSU (1st year). It is a 2-hour, peer-facilitated workshop offered in the fall semester.
  • The Bystander Network  This workshop is mandatory for all sophomores (2nd year), on-campus transfer students who have completed the SARV workshops. The Bystander Network workshop is a one-hour, peer-facilitated workshop.

  • Online Education Workshop The required online workshop is for 3rd & 4th year undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, and employees.

  • Greeks Take The Lead (GTTL) Program is in its fourth year and is held during the spring semester. The GTTL program offers peer-educator facilitated workshops geared toward fraternity and sorority culture.

  • The Athletic Training Program is new to POE this year. The training is presented to student athletes by POE staff.